Create Facebook account And Earn Money Step By Step 2020

create facebook page and earn money step by step

Hello friend, today I am going to tell you how to create a Facebook account, why did we need Facebook in today's world,

How do you create Facebook account

To create a Facebook account, first you have to go to the official website of Facebook and sign up, enter your information and log in, after filling your information, your Facebook account will be created.

What is facebook know about it

Facebook is a type of social site, which has created its own network in the whole world, you can read all the world's news in it and all the news channels generate their traffic on this site, you can feed your status in it. Yes, in this you also get the option of chatting, video calling

Benefits of becoming a Facebook page

You also get the option to create a page on Facebook, in it, you can make a page above any topic, and you can tell people your ability, you will also need other people to make the page perform, which makes your page more enjoyable You will share it with people, your performance will become more and more beautiful by creating your page, in this way you will be able to irn from the page, because some people can also sponsor you of your products, you can You can deal accordingly, Facebook is the only site in the world where you can make income from recreational,

The advantage of creating groups on Facebook

You can earn a lot of income from Facebook, you can earn your income even by creating groups, you know more about the topic, you can give a better name to that topic and give it to groups, groups any Can also be the type that you like

Updating status on facebook

Facebook gives you the power to do any work you want, such as updating your status from Good Morning to Good Night and sharing it with friends.

Know the special thing about facebook

Facebook keeps your photo video in your memories, you can take it from you whenever you need, the interesting thing is that we can save and keep some old memories.
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