Tutorial: How To Block Unwanted Emails In Gmail

Blocking Annoying Emails On Your Gmail Account

Annoying emails or spam emails that wont stop sending you nonsense and or promoting you stuff that you do not want is about to end after you read this very easy tutorial. Blocking unwanted emails in gmail is farely easy though, no software to install and no coding needed as the secret is in gmail already and you only need to learn on how to use it and that is why I am here to teach you how! So let’s start.

Step-by-step Tutorial

The long method

  • First you need to copy or collect email addresses that you want to blocked. An easy approach is to go to the emails one by one and copy their email addresses and paste on a notepad file.

  • Now open up your gmail account.
  • Click on the “Gear” icon just below your profile photo located at the upper right corner and click on “Settings”

  • Click on the “Filters and Blocked Addresses” and then create a filter.

  • Enter the Email address you want to get blocked on the “from” field and enter your own email address in the “to” field. The image below will explain in great detail on how to setup.

  • Click on “Create filter with this search to continue on the second settings tab. Image below will explain in great details. (Note: Leave blank the “Subject”, “Has the words”, “Doesn’t have” to automatically select each and every email that email address has sent you.)

  • Just follow my setup if you want to just block emails from certain email address unless otherwise you have other ideas in mind feel free to explore.

  • And your done….

  • And that is how you block unwanted emails keep away from your gmail accounts. I am not sure if this applies to other mail servers like yahoo and msn but I am pretty sure this feature is already available on those mail servers.
    This tutorial is pretty straight forward I hope you learn from my me and please share to others!
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