How To Track Lost Mobile Phone And Get It Back!!

…or at Least Disable it!

Yeah, yeah, I know it is very depressing losing your phone because it was robbed or you lost it. Luckily, there’s this amazing trick, method or however you want to call it where you can get it back or at the very least permanently disable it. Yeah because you do not want someone else is using it and viewing your precious private photos/videos or any files. Sounds really cool right? You know what’s even more cool? IT IS FREE TO USE! But has a little drawback just a little though.
Recently, I just gave you a method the fun way on how to Freeze anyone’s mobile phone. This method is a little upgrade from that old post gives you a way to delete/recover your files images and videos, contact list, messages, call logs and more… from the lost phone and download them all in your local PC which uses a good internet speed and the lost phone must be connected with the internet which is unlikely to happens since it’s a lost phone lol. I highly doubt the one your robbed your phone at the one currently using it will connect it to internet without doing some precautionary measures. Or delete them all at once without a trace!

Permanently Disabling your Lost Phone

  1. Using your Mobile Number – Yes with this method you can permanently disabled your lost mobile phone by just using your mobile number. Well, of course your sim card must be still active though and is in the phone.
  2. Using the IMEI Number – and good news, you can disable it using your IMEI number where just simply enter it on the software and click on find and disable button and you are good to go. Get that feeling that you have your phone disabled and no one can ever use it!

Geo-Locate Your Mobile Phone

Also, remember I told you earlier that you can get back your phone? Yes, because this little tool will help your locate your phone current location. By entering the mobile number or by usingIMEI number.

  • If GPS is turned off you can still locate it must be internet connected though.
  • If the phone is not internet connected you can still locate it with GPS turned one!

  • But has a little drawback as you could see the one using it must have been already disabled the location function or your phone is turned off can locate it of course Geo Locationmust be turned on and the phone must be turned on as well. You can locate it throughout the globe wherever it is you can locate it! Full features listed below.

    Full Features:

    • Geo locate your Mobile Phone
    • Freeze/Disable the phone
    • Recover/Delete all files such as contact list, app list, apps, messages
    • No-app to install in the mobile phone
    • 100% Free to use for 1 year!
    • Working on Windows PC only

    Supported Phones

    • ALL PHONES as long as it has IMEI Number

    Screenshots and Instructions

    • Download TotalMobSecurity – Search it on google
    • Install the software on your Windows PC (Nothing to install on your mobile phone)
    • Open up the tool and Activate your 3 Months Trial by going to help>Activate Trial 3 Months
    • Enter either mobile phone or IMEI number
    • Click on Connect to get connected with the device.
    • It will locate the current location if GPS is enalbed
    • It will give you options to recover/delete your files
    • Location – The current location of your mobile phone using GPS
    • Recovery – Shows the number of files currently stored on your mobile phone – delete or recover.
    • Permanently Disabled – This will permanently disable your phone.
    • This feature is a little more secured you need to verify that you actually the owner of the phone by entering the phone model number and the IMEI no.
    • Click on Permanently Disabled All values
    • This disables all core functions such as start boot
    • Recover your pictures, videos, call logs, messages, contact list and more…

    This is by far the best cell phone tracking all-in-one solution tool for your needs! Also, you can locate anyone’s phone by using this tool just enter their phone number!….
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